Tried out the Ximmerse X-Hawk stereo camera and X-Cobra joysticks at CES 2016 on a Samsung Gear VR. Super impressed. The X-Hawk prototype was on the front of the Gear VR and used to track the X-Cobra controllers in my view. Virtual hands were rendered inside the HMD and I could pick things up by pressing the trigger on the joystick. Distance of my hands from me and placement seemed accurate. When the controller left my FOV and returned everything behaved smoothly. It was a really nice demo.

The X-Hawk is the Ximmerse stereo camera that’s used to track the X-Cobra joysticks. Ximmerse says it has a 180 deg. FOV, does headset positional tracking, is ultra low latency, and can do simple hand gesture recognition. It’s supposed to work with mobile platforms like Gear VR as well as PC.

The X-Cobra does 3DOF tracking on it’s own or 6DOF with the X-Hawk. Nice to see them using DOF correctly for tracking and not claiming 9DOF like others have done. The controllers were very comfortable to hold. They include a bluetooth connection and haptics. I didn’t experience the haptics but otherwise the controllers were very responsive and I didn’t notice any lag during my demo. The X-Cobra devices are also mobile or PC.

Overall super impressed with Ximmerse and the work they’re doing. Very excited to get my hands on their gear to integrate with other HMDs on the PC. Really really excite to use the Ximmerse gear with their Ximmerse Rifle!