Virtual Boy Link Cable

I’ve been working on a link cable project so that people can finally play Virtual Boy in 2 player versus mode! The most famous being Hyper Fighting. Then the only other two games that are VB 2 player are 3D-BattleSnake and Tic Tac Toe. All three games are Homebrew as no official Nintendo 2 player VB game was ever released. If you’re interested in a cable send me an email.

And my first VB link cable shown below. Played 2 player Hyper Fighting!

Here’s an updated print with better finish just by changing the print orientation. These are FDM prints. I’m also having an SLS print made.

And now a picture of the first cable itself.

The latest parts look really good!

Here’s a few cables made with the new better finish parts. Officially shipping now!

And one last picture to show some Link cable games. Currently these are the only 2 player link cable games available as of 7/21/2017. All homebrew.

Happy Link cable