VB Controller USB Adapter

Originally Nov. 23rd 2017
Updated 12/16/2017

I decided to develop a Virtual Boy controller USB adapter so that the controller could be used with emulators on a computer. Turns out with the help of Arduino that this is fairly simple to do. I also took the route of using a small commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) microcontroller board to do it. Within a day I had the controller connected to my computer playing Hyper Fighting in Mednafen. The last step now is to design a case.

The adapter shows up as a gamepad within Windows. There are 3 different mappings. By default all VB controller buttons get mapped to buttons as the VB controller is 14 buttons. I added two other mappings which can be selected by holding the A or B button when the adapter is powered up. Holding the A button down during power up maps the left d-pad to analog X,Y and everything else digital. Holding the B button down during power up maps the left d-pad to analog X,Y and the right d-pad to analog rotation with everything else to buttons.

I’ve designed a housing as well. It was designed to look somewhat like the Nintendo cover on the controller connector. I had an initial prototype run of 5 units built out of Carbon Fiber Onyx just like the link cables. Came out really nice!

Here’s the finished product. Looks really nice and very clean with a red and black USB cable.

Another view of just the housed adapter and cable.

That’s about it. Relatively simple and works great. If you’re interested, contact me via my contact page.