Space Squash

The first of my Virtual Boy game reviews!!

Virtual Boy Cartridge Label Art

Check out my Virtual Boy reproduction cartridges with labels!

Virtual Boy Case Art

Here is some case art for a few of the Virtual Boy Japanese games that aren’t easily found elsewhere.

Virtual Boy

I’m having a renewed obsession with Virtual Boy. Here’s my current collection in custom cases. I’m going to update my Virtual Boy page with new content. Thinking about doing game reviews on all the existing games…

VR Headsets 1-18-15

Cleaning up the place today. I’m not saying there’s a problem here but I’m willing to consider it. I won’t embarrass myself by putting the trackers, gloves, and other VR gear in the photo too!

CyberMaxx Virtual Reality Helmet

Provided to HSC, compliments of Nate Caine The CyberMaxx Virtual Reality Helmet was manufactured by VictorMaxx Technologies. The headset contains twin TFT Active Matrix video displays coupled with stereo headphones to form a live-action 3D-Stereo…

CyberMaxx Pinouts

During my brief encounter with the CyberMaxx 2.0 I tracked down some pinouts from the RS-232 connector.  Originally my CyberMaxx, which I acquired on Ebay, came without the fan out connector.  So I decided to make…

Glove Files

1. Pglove– information on wiring the Powerglove for the IBM parallel port. 2. Oglove– information and more files on the Powerglove to PC interface. 3. Two Glove– information and files on hooking up two Powergloves to…

CyberMaxx Files

Here are some CyberMaxx Drivers and utilities.

The Current State of Virtual Reality: A Homebrewer’s View

June 2004 In today’s world most people work ten to twelve hour shifts, and some more then one profession just to make ends meet.In the hours we have off, we spend thousands of dollars every year…