Originally: 11/09/2019 Updated: 05/24/2020 People commonly ask why HyperFlash32. Here’s why I made some of the design choices you’ll read about below. 1. Why HyperFlash32 in general? FlashBoy+ was no longer being made and couldn’t hold…

Power Glove USB Adapter 2

Who knew the world needed another Power Glove USB adapter! Motivated by a housing design I just finished for another project, I decided to make a housing for a PGLink USB adapter (v2). This time the…

Virtual Boy Programming Adapter

April 25th, 2017 I’m working on a new Virtual Boy project that required making a programming adapter for my programmer. Now I remember why I made it wider originally! Made a rookie move and decided to…


I still have some Nintendo Power Glove USB linkboxes if anyone is interested.

Red Alarm

Red Alarm is my favorite Virtual Boy game of all time! Check out my quick review on it.

Wario Land

Wario Land is a fun one!!

Virtual Boy Case

Check out a simple VB case that you can make from a Platt 706 case.

Vertical Force

Check out my short review of Vertical Force for Virtual Boy!

Space Squash

The first of my Virtual Boy game reviews!!

Virtual Boy Cartridge Label Art

Check out my Virtual Boy reproduction cartridges with labels!