Power Glove Gamepad Adapter

I’ve recently finished a design update to my long line of Power Glove adapters. This time with a housing and Windows 10 support! Check it out!

Power Glove USB Adapter 2

Who knew the world needed another Power Glove USB adapter! Motivated by a housing design I just finished for another project, I decided to make a housing for a PGLink USB adapter (v2). This time the…


I still have some Nintendo Power Glove USB linkboxes if anyone is interested.

PGLink2 board completed

Check out the updated page on my new PGLink2 board. This will allow you to connect a Nintendo Power Glove to a computer over USB. All design files are included.

Added old Power Glove pages

Updated new site with older power glove pages. Power Glove

NewGlove Power glove Project

This is a super power glove hack. All files and instructions on how to do this power glove upgrade are included here. This upgrade of an older nintendo power glove will produce a very nice Data…

Power Glove Linkbox Plans

The Power glove linkbox is a menelli box reborn. I use an ATMEL ATMega163 with an 8 Mhz crystal and a modified version of the menelli code to poll the glove. All interaction with the glove…

Wireless Glove Project

Well this project is finally complete. I’ve learned more then I could of hoped from all of this. I started this project over a year ago. First it started out with just brainstorming and research. After…