Samsung Odyssey HMD

Just got a new Samsung Odyssey HMD and its quite impressive. Resolution improvement is noticeable right away over HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. I’ll put up a full review soon but very impressed with this Windows…


I’ve been watching ANTVR since their Kickstarter in 2014. I didn’t back them because they were one of the first Chinese companies to do a VR HMD on Kickstarter. It seemed like being a Chinese company…

Quake on Gear VR

Quake on Gear VR is the FPS experience I’ve been waiting for on Gear VR. Check out my review!

A complete VFX1 Linkbox Solution!!!

SA Photonics SA-83S

Check out my review of the SA Photonics SA-83S Augmented Reality HMD. It’s an amazing HMD.

SA Photonics SA-30

Check out my review of the SA Photonics SA-30 HMD

Virtual Research V8

Just posted my 100th page on this site. It’s on the Virtual Research V8 HMD. Check it out!!!

Sony Glasstron PLM-S700

Just got a Sony Glasstron PLM-S700. Check out my review!!

Possible Virtual Vision Prototype HMD

This is an HMD I got as part of a bulk auction purchase. It came with a Virtual Research V6 and a Virtual Vision Eyeman. From what I can tell it appears to be an early…

Virtual Vision Eyeman

The Eyeman. An interesting blast from the past! Monocular monochrome white see-through HMD from Virtual Vision.