Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting

Just bought a Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting game. Very cool but very expensive! Check it out here.

Virtual Boy Cartridges

I’ve spent a lot of time recently on Virtual Boy cartridges. Check them out!


For $25 dollars you can get the ANTVR Taw cellphone holder for your Google Cardboard like HMD. The Taw is one of the better ones you can get because you’ll get 100 deg field-of-view (FOV) without…

Orion Leap VR

The Orion update for Leap VR has drastically improved hand tracking over the previous generation. I think this update actually makes Leap VR usable. There are still some cases where it gets confused but it re-acquires…

Quake 2, Taw, and Note 4

Recently played Quake 2 on my Note 4 using the ANTVR Taw headset. Quake 2 is available in a Google cardboard application thanks to the guys over at Durovis. You can see the instructions and download…

Ximmerse Dev Kit

Really excited about this!