I still have some Nintendo Power Glove USB linkboxes if anyone is interested.

Virtual Boy Cartridges

I’ve spent a lot of time recently on Virtual Boy cartridges. Check them out!


For $25 dollars you can get the ANTVR Taw cellphone holder for your Google Cardboard like HMD. The Taw is one of the better ones you can get because you’ll get 100 deg field-of-view (FOV) without…

Favorite HTC Vive and Oculus CV1 Games

Really liking Hover Junkers, Space Pirate Trainer, Vanishing Realms, and HordeZ on HTC Vive. For Oculus, Adrift is amazing, and Lucky’s Tale is done quite nicely. The short films/experiences like Invasion on Oculus are fun.

Initial Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive Impressions

May 9th 2016 I’ve had my Oculus CV1 and HTC Vive for a couple weeks now and wanted to give my initial impressions. Both are great headsets and a good start in this new wave of…

Rift DK2 as low end HMD

The thought keeps coming to my mind, and I’m sure others as well, why doesn’t Oculus keep the Rift DK2 around as a low end HMD. It’s considerably cheaper at $350, has wide support, and is…