Dell Mixed Reality Headset

I got the chance to try out a Dell Mixed Reality headset at the Microsoft store last weekend. I have to say I came away quite impressed! The tracking is top notch and handled 6DOF movement very well. Head tracking was really fluid. The controllers glitched a few times but nothing more than I’m used to even on Oculus or Vive. I did still see some screen door effect so resolution still needs to improve. Also noticed some display smear. I’ve seen some reviews that say screen door and display smear isn’t there but that’s just not true. Neither one is too bad though either. There was a significant amount of vignetting at the edges of the field-of-view. That’s a darkening of the image as you move towards the edges. Overall came away quite impressed and looking forward to my Samsung Odyssey coming! Definitely try a mixed reality HMD if you get the chance.