Inertial Labs OS3D

Check out my review of the Inertial Labs OS3D sensor. This thing rocks!!


Razor Hydra

Check out my new Razor Hydra review. This thing is absolutely awesome with Half Life VR!!


SA Photonics SA-30

Check out my review of the SA Photonics SA-30 HMD


Oculus DK2 and Vireio Perception 2.1.1

I’ve been using Vireio Perception 2.1.1 with an Oculus DK2. It’s definitely the best for Skyrim. The scene looks correct and not distorted like Tri-Def or Vorpx. Really nice job. Head tracking is great. Position tracking…


Intersense InterTrax 2

Recently got around to getting my Intersense InterTrax 2 working in WorldViz Vizard. Check it out!


SA Photonics SA-83S

Check out my review of the SA Photonics SA-83S Augmented Reality HMD. It’s an amazing HMD.