Visette 2 VRi Info

Posting tear down, manuals, and pinout information for the Visette 2 VRi HMD from a Virtuality SU2000 system.


HMD Experience list

Posting an HMD experience list. If you have any questions about any of them feel free to send me an email.


Sony HMZ-T2 Review

Check out my Sony HMZ-T2 review here.


Visette 2 Breakout Board

Check out the Visette 2 HMD breakout board I’m making to interface this HMD with an commercial off-the-shelf video converter. This is being done mainly to be able to work with this HMD if the multimedia…


Hillcrest FSM-9

Check out my new Hillcrest FSM-9 here.

Sony PS4 HMD

New Sony PS4 HMD Prototype

I love the design of the Sony PS4 Prototype. Check out more details at Road To VR.