Inertial Labs OS3D

Check out my review of the Inertial Labs OS3D sensor. This thing rocks!!


Razor Hydra

Check out my new Razor Hydra review. This thing is absolutely awesome with Half Life VR!!


SA Photonics SA-30

Check out my review of the SA Photonics SA-30 HMD


Samsung Gear VR

I finally had the chance to try a Samsung Gear VR at CES. I have to say I was very impressed! The screen resolution was noticeably higher than the DK2. Colors looked good. Field of view…


VR Headsets 1-18-15

Cleaning up the place today. I’m not saying there’s a problem here but I’m willing to consider it. I won’t embarrass myself by putting the trackers, gloves, and other VR gear in the photo too!

Radial-G screenshot


Radial-G is another Oculus DK2 game which has done a nice job with the cockpit. It’s much simplier than Elite: Dangerous or Vox Machinae but also well done. It’s fun to just sit in the cockpit…