Virtual Vision Eyeman

Virtual Vision Eyeman

The Eyeman. An interesting blast from the past! Monocular monochrome white see-through HMD from Virtual Vision.

Z800 Dual 1

eMagin Z800 Dual Input

Got my hands on an eMagin Z800 with the dual input board option and a huge facemask!!


Virtual Research V6

Just got my hands on a Virtual Research V6. Love this thing!


Huge Equipment Score!!

I think I just scored my best VR equipment purchase on eBay. Got a Virtual Research V8 and two Invensense InertiaCube 2 trackers for $99.00. And everything works!!!


Sony Glasstron PLM-S700

Just got a Sony Glasstron PLM-S700. Check out my review!!


Favorite VR Books

Starting a Favorite VR Books page where I’ll re-read and review some of the VR books I’ve held onto over the years.