For $25 dollars you can get the ANTVR Taw cellphone holder for your Google Cardboard like HMD. The Taw is one of the better ones you can get because you’ll get 100 deg field-of-view (FOV) without…



December 26th 2015 This is a great adapter for getting stereo 3D up and running on dual input HMDs using Nvidia GeForce cards. They’re getting harder to find online but they’re still around. The device is…


Samsung Gear VR Note 4

A great HMD and a mobile one at that. Surprised a lot of people, myself included. Here’s my review.


Rift DK2 as low end HMD

The thought keeps coming to my mind, and I’m sure others as well, why doesn’t Oculus keep the Rift DK2 around as a low end HMD. It’s considerably cheaper at $350, has wide support, and is…

CV1 Kickstarter Message

Oculus Rift CV1 is here!

Played with the Oculus Rift CV1 into the wee hours of the night and still going today. I should be studying! A bit of trouble getting Oculus Home to install (~4hrs) but otherwise pretty amazing. Tracking…


Gear VR isn’t just $99

It’s interesting to see a tech blog talk about the “expensive” Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and the additional PC you’ll need to drive it. Yet the same blog will then talk about the $99 Gear…