Inertial Labs OS3D

Check out my review of the Inertial Labs OS3D sensor. This thing rocks!!


Razor Hydra

Check out my new Razor Hydra review. This thing is absolutely awesome with Half Life VR!!


SA Photonics SA-30

Check out my review of the SA Photonics SA-30 HMD


SVVR 2015 Quick HMD comparison

Just attended the first day of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) conference 2015. Here are my quick thoughts on the HMDs I looked at. Samsung S6 Gear VR. The S6 Gear VR resolution definitely looked better…

vb games in cases 3

Virtual Boy

I’m having a renewed obsession with Virtual Boy. Here’s my current collection in custom cases. I’m going to update my Virtual Boy page with new content. Thinking about doing game reviews on all the existing games…

Delta Six pic3

Delta Six Gun Controller in house!

Never thought I’d see this thing after 2 years! I’ll have a review soon.