HTC Vive Wireless

Well, I got an HTC Vive wireless unit for my Vive pro and it did NOT go well. Pixelation, pulsing from sharp to pixelated, dropped frames, just not good. Tried all the troubleshooting things like switching PCIe ports, changing transmitter direction, and even killing some background apps. Very disappointing.

They say most people don’t have an issue but there are quite a few popping up on Vive forums and Reddits with problems. Messed around with it for 2 days and then sent it back for a refund. My TPCast for my regular HTC Vive was not perfect but it was a LOT better than this new wireless module.

It was nice to be cord free but the execution on this product is pretty bad. For $400 with the adapter kit I don’t expect to be buying other parts and troubleshooting for 2 days straight to get it working. I’m more and more annoyed these days by VR gear that doesn’t just boot up and work. This is a big problem for the VR industry if it wants to lure in more general customers.