For $25 dollars you can get the ANTVR Taw cellphone holder for your Google Cardboard like HMD. The Taw is one of the better ones you can get because you’ll get 100 deg field-of-view (FOV) without the optical distortion. This makes it a lot better to use with Cardboard like apps because many of them don’t implement distortion correction at all, or do it correctly. That means you won’t get that swimming effect that makes you sick if you need optical distortion correction and don’t have it. I bought Taw to experiment with TrinusVR. It’s easy to use with Samsung Note 4 and the open design of Thaw makes it easy to plug into cables and also avoid fogging.

Thaw works with standard side-by-side stereo 3D on your phone and it very easy to adjust. There’s a small mechanical IPD adjustment, strap adjustment, and different positions you can put your phone in. Overall comfort isn’t too bad but it could benefit with an over the head strap. For $25 you can’t do much better. I’ve tried a lot of other Google Cardboard holders and they just don’t look right when the distortion isn’t done correctly. Taw solves that problem. It’s available over at and will ship directly from China.