Virtual Boy Cartridge Label Art

Originally June 2015

Updated Feb. 8th 2017

Here are some Virtual Boy cartridge label art images that I’ve used for stickers on reproduction VB games. Stickermule is a great place to have them printed. Specify a 2.05″ wide x 1.65″ tall size to fit VB cartridges. They’re not all the same aspect ratio below but tell Stickermule to resize them to the dimensions mentioned above and they’ll come out correctly. You can find information on the cartridges here. Some harder to find custom case art info is here.

Some of them these labels are just copies of the front box art. I’ve cleaned them up a little bit but I’m sure a more talented artist could recreate them in vibrant colors. I post them here in case anyone needs one.

Below are some of the labels I’ve had printed. It runs about $50.00 USD to have ~50 stickers made. That’s the minimum quantity currently at

Space Invaders Original

Jack Bros. USA Original

Virtual Lab Custom

Virtual Bowling Custom

Space Invaders Custom

Gundam Japan

Facebook VB Prototype

Blox Homebrew

Gundam English

Hyper Fighting Demo

Bound High

Fish Bone

Space Pinball

Faceball Remastered


Virtual Fishing English

Tron Homebrew

Space Squash English

Game Hero Homebrew

Coming soon…

You can see some of these labels applied to reproduction cartridges on my Virtual Boy Cartridge page.