USB Link cable for Virtual Boy

Originally Sep. 2017 Updated 1/27/2018 I’ve created a PCB to support a USB to link cable design for the Virtual Boy. The PCB fits in the connector housing of my original wired link cable. This will…

VB Controller USB Adapter

Originally Nov. 23rd 2017 Updated 09/29/2018 Just updated to support the new VirtualBoyGo emulator!! I decided to develop a Virtual Boy controller USB adapter so that the controller could be used with emulators on a computer….

Virtual Boy Wired Link Cable Build

Details on how I build my link cables!

Updated 16Mbit VB PCB Again!

I made another update to my 16Mbit Virtual Boy PCB design and the new boards just came in. Red on both sides of the PCB this time. This PCB has been updated to allow a 8k…

Updated Virtual Boy 16Mbit PCBs

Just got my updated Virtual Boy 4/8/16 Mbit PCBs. Changed the front side to red and the back to black (opposite of first batch). The reference designators also show up now like they should. Ordered quite…

Virtual Boy Link Cable

I’ve been working on a link cable project so that people can finally play Virtual Boy in 2 player versus mode! The most famous being Hyper Fighting. Then the only other two games that are VB…

Virtual Boy Programming Adapter

April 25th, 2017 I’m working on a new Virtual Boy project that required making a programming adapter for my programmer. Now I remember why I made it wider originally! Made a rookie move and decided to…

Virtual Boy Cartridges

I’ve spent a lot of time recently on Virtual Boy cartridges. Check them out!

256 Mbit Virtual Boy Cartridge

Updated 5/24/17 I’ve actually picked this project back up after putting it on hold for several months. I have a PCB design completed which supports up to 128Mbit ROM and 128Mbit expansion via the Virtual Boy…

HMD Experience list

Posting an HMD experience list. If you have any questions about any of them feel free to send me an email.