Spaces VR San Jose

I happen to live just a few miles from the new Spaces VR location at Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA. This is the new VR location based entertainment (LBE) with the new Terminator attraction. The unique aspect of this VR experience is that they scan your face on put it on your Terminator body when playing. Makes for a fun and unique experience when playing with friends.

Overall it’s quite good. Like a mini The VOID experience. You feel wind in the game and rumbling. There are props like the VOID that you can physically feel like switches on the walls, fuses, or a container that needs to be placed. The physical space is much smaller than a VOID attraction, and you move around quite a bit less, but it’s probably the top one or two best VR experiences I’ve had outside the home. The scanned faces, wind, and rumbling are aspects that home VR doesn’t easily have yet.

The Terminator game is basically a wave shooter but with 4 players in the same environment. Hands and feet are tracked so you can high five each other and its spot on. You sport an Oculus Rift, HP Omen X VR backpack, Striker VR rifle, and hand/feet trackers. Area tracking is done by Optitrack cameras. The tracked experience isn’t without its hiccups but again quite good. Hands and feet can get lost sometimes and then jerk back into sync.

The only negative thing I have to say is that it’s a bit high priced for a 15 minute experience. For $29 dollars it should be about twice as long, or half the cost. I had a blast shooting terminators while hearing my team mates and seeing their faces buts its over before you know it. What also wasn’t clear at first is that you’re playing for points against your team mates and against everyone else to get up on the score board. Shot everything!

I had a good time overall and will probably go back and try it again. I also got a free movie ticket for filling out a survey so be sure to give your opinion at the end.