Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting

Just bought a Virtual Boy Hyper Fighting game. Very cool but very expensive! Check it out here.

Virtual Boy Cartridges

I’ve spent a lot of time recently on Virtual Boy cartridges. Check them out!


For $25 dollars you can get the ANTVR Taw cellphone holder for your Google Cardboard like HMD. The Taw is one of the better ones you can get because you’ll get 100 deg field-of-view (FOV) without…

Fibrum HMD

The Fibrum HMD was a surprise at CES 2016. This mobile phone based HMD uses glass lenses instead of plastic and has nice image quality. Fibrum Pro is the unit I used and attaches to an…


Came across an IonVR mobile HMD at CES 2016. Interesting device. Seems to incorporate some sort of electronic LCD shutters in the HMD optics to reduce phone panel smear. Worked well too. This would have been…

Future of VR and HTC Vive Pre

I experienced the future of consumer VR today and it’s the HTC Vive Pre!!