Oculus Quest at OC5

I got the chance to try Super Hot in a new Oculus Quest HMD at OC5 yesterday. I have to say quite impressed. Tracking was quite good, but not perfect. I did have the hands glitch out a couple times but I’d say the tracking in the best I’ve ever seen with an inside-out system. Graphics looked good. Fit was great. It felt like a real VR headset rather than a toy like the Oculus Go.

It was somewhat ironically that when I came home to compare to my Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality headset that I spent 2 hours trying to get my controllers to reconnect to Windows. After a day of waiting for my new compatible bluetooth adapter to come, (previous one was fine but then stopped working) I was finally able to compare the Samsung Odyssey. The tracking was definitely NOT as good as the Oculus Quest. The Odyssey has hand tracking glitches quite often and even head tracking glitches. The Quest is a clear winner.

There’s something to be said about just putting on the Oculus Quest and having it work. The average person won’t have to worry about a computer, cabling, setup, what bluetooth adapter they have, etc. It’s going to be a game changer.

After the Vive and the Rift CV1, the Oculus Quest is definitely my next favorite VR system. It will be the best mobile system bar none.