Wireless Virtual Boy Controller

I did a short project to make the VB controller wireless for emulator use. This initial unit uses a DFRobot Beetle BLE and CSR 4.0 Bluetooth receiver to create a Keyboard HID input controller. I’ll be…

SNES controller to VB Adapter

I built a SNES controller to VB adapter recently because someone wanted to play Hyper Fighting on the Virtual Boy using an SNES controller. The SNES controller is shown on page 5 of the HF manual….

HP Z VR backpack

I recently had the chance to use a new HP Z VR backpack. This is quite the power house of a backpack and the only one I know of currently that packs a Nvidia P5200. This…

Custom Virtual Boy Cart Cases

I’ve had the chance to test some 3D prints of VB cart cases. Check out the main article!

USB Link cable for Virtual Boy

Originally Sep. 2017 Updated 1/27/2018 I’ve created a PCB to support a USB to link cable design for the Virtual Boy. The PCB fits in the connector housing of my original wired link cable. This will…

Power Glove Gamepad Adapter

I’ve recently finished a design update to my long line of Power Glove adapters. This time with a housing and Windows 10 support! Check it out!

Hyperkin Hyper Blaster

Just got my Hyperkin Hyper Blaster in. Good times in Arizona Sunshine and that 1980’s living room in Duck Season was pretty convincing! More details to follow…

TPCast HTC Vive

Absolutely fantastic!

Power Glove USB Adapter 2

Who knew the world needed another Power Glove USB adapter! Motivated by a housing design I just finished for another project, I decided to make a housing for a PGLink USB adapter (v2). This time the…

Virtual Boy Wired Link Cable Build

Details on how I build my link cables!