Spaces VR San Jose

I happen to live just a few miles from the new Spaces VR location at Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA. This is the new VR location based entertainment (LBE) with the new Terminator attraction. The…

VirtualBuilds Pebble SteamVR Tracking Kit

Look what we have here!!!

Knuckle EV3’s are here!

Look what we have here! A brand new pair of knuckle EV3 controllers. These things are definitely polished and don’t look like prototypes. Had a bit of trouble getting the drivers installed but eventually got it…

Playstation PSVR Game Impressions

I’ve been playing PSVR on and off at nights now for over a month. I’m still impressed with the system. One of the first things that stands out immediately compared to PC based systems is that…

HTC Vive Wireless

Well, I got an HTC Vive wireless unit for my Vive pro and it did NOT go well. Pixelation, pulsing from sharp to pixelated, dropped frames, just not good. Tried all the troubleshooting things like switching…

Oculus Quest at OC5

I got the chance to try Super Hot in a new Oculus Quest HMD at OC5 yesterday. I have to say quite impressed. Tracking was quite good, but not perfect. I did have the hands glitch…

VB controller extension models

I finished up some VB controller extension models so extension cables could be made or even SNES adapters. They fit tight into each other when 3D printed using FDM. SLA prints will probably be less tight….

VB Cart Programmer Build

Uploaded my build overview for the VB cart programmer! Check it out here.

VB Cart Programmer Quick Start Guide

Here’s my initial VB cart programmer quick start guide.

Sony PSVR on PS4 Pro

I just got a PSVR and I have to say I’m very impressed! Yes the tracking isn’t perfect but its no where near as bad as I’ve read. Fantastic system. There are some noticeable differences in…