Spider-Man PS4 Pro!

Needed an excuse to get a PSVR. Now I have it. 🙂

Wireless Virtual Boy Controller

I did a short project to make the VB controller wireless for emulator use. This initial unit uses a DFRobot Beetle BLE and CSR 4.0 Bluetooth receiver to create a Keyboard HID input controller. I’ll be…

SNES controller to VB Adapter

I built a SNES controller to VB adapter recently because someone wanted to play Hyper Fighting on the Virtual Boy using an SNES controller. The SNES controller is shown on page 5 of the HF manual….

HP Z VR backpack

I recently had the chance to use a new HP Z VR backpack. This is quite the power house of a backpack and the only one I know of currently that packs a Nvidia P5200. This…

Custom Virtual Boy Cart Cases

I’ve had the chance to test some 3D prints of VB cart cases. Check out the main article!