I’ve started taking preorders for my new HyperFlash32 cart. Check it out here.

PP Gun

Originally: 4-17-2019 I recently picked up a PP Gun. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time but couldn’t stomach the $899 price tag. I was able to get one for much cheaper and have…

MultiBoy 32

I just completed schematic entry and PCB design on a Virtual Boy Multicart design I’m calling MultiBoy 32. Specs first and then some more discussion. 1. Flash space: 32 slots of 32Mbit RAM via a 1Gbit…

Spaces VR San Jose

I happen to live just a few miles from the new Spaces VR location at Oakridge Mall in San Jose, CA. This is the new VR location based entertainment (LBE) with the new Terminator attraction. The…

VirtualBuilds Pebble SteamVR Tracking Kit

Look what we have here!!!