HyperFlash32 eInk Label Contest

HyperFlash32 eInk label contest results are in! Check them out here.

VENOM Edition of VB Programmer

I was playing around with my new printer. Here’s a VENOM edition of my VB mini programmer. 3D printed carbon fiber. Really nice surface finish and very strong. It has a white on black OLED to…

Injection Molded VB Cart Cases

I’ve spent a lot of time and money recently on trying to get injection molded Virtual Boy cart cases made. Probably more time and money than I should have. The design emphasis was to get a…

Virtual Boy 32Mbit PCB

I designed and built a new PCB that has 32Mbit of Flash and supports either a 8kx8 nvSRAM or a 32kx8 nvSRAM. This isn’t my HyperFlash or MultiBoy carts, just a larger version of my original…


I’ve started taking preorders for my new HyperFlash32 cart. Check it out here.